BASIC FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE. NRA certified course will introduce the student to the basics of firearms safety, handling, operations, cleaning & care, fundamentals of shooting and personal protection and defensive tactics. Hands-on and classroom training will cover details to prepare the first time gun owner or prospective gun buyer on the proper handling and shooting of a firearm, Firearms will be available for demonstration only. Courses are five hours long and cost $75. includes materials.

Dates for Basic Course:

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 12-5 PM women only

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 12-5 PM men and women

Saturday, October 25th, 2014 12-5 PM women only

Saturday, November 15th, 2014 12-5 PM men and women

We can qualify you for the RI Permit to Carry.

Also offering Massachusetts and Connecticut License to Carry Courses. Please call for details.


ADVANCED FIREARMS TRAINING COURSE. This course is held at a qualified shooting range to apply the fundamentals learned in the Basic Firearms Safety Course with hands-on shooting and individualized instruction. Requirements: Proof of a Basic Firearms Safety Course. Participants must be 21 or older for this course only. Course is 2 hours. Fee is $100 includes range time, instructor and targets. Participant provides his/her own ammo, ear & eye protection. Firearms may be rented from Big Bear.



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